Mrs. Maryland America 2022

Daniela Peeler

Daniela Peeler is a proud Baltimore County resident, mom of 3, Cosmetologist, and Model. Her passion is to make people look and feel their absolute best. Her clients often remark that beyond the aesthetic nature of her work, she doubles as a part-time therapist; Daniela is a true people person and loves nourishing the independent spirit of her 3 dynamic children.

Although she was born and raised in Baltimore, she moved to Hollywood, California in 2006 where she continued her modeling career and profession as a cosmetologist. Living on the opposite side of the country for 8 1/2 years gave her a deep appreciation for her hometown. Daniela founded The West Wing LA, a spirited Ravens group that brought many Marylander’s together to watch the Ravens games. She knew then what she knows now to be true: the experience of rallying others to celebrate Maryland gives her immense pride. Now that she is back home, Daniela is ready to continue her journey to represent her home state.

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