Miss Maryland for America 2020

Anna Belcher

Anna Belcher is a Syracuse University graduate with a Bachelors’s degree in International Relations, with a focus on Security and Latin American studies. Her 5-year plan is to work in the protective services field. She believes her passion for service derives from her father’s service in The United States Army.

Anna founded the Addy Fund in 2019, which is a scholarship awarded to a graduating senior who has faced adversity and who intends to further his/her education. Throughout the year, Anna fundraised by selling sweatshirts that she designed and promoted on social media. This allowed her to encourage students to further their education and to award a $500 scholarship. Anna’s motivation to compete for the Miss Maryland for America title is to promote education and to further expand the scholarship in order to provide students with financial assistance for college.

Anna believes education played a pivotal role in her success. Growing up, she experienced the foster care system first hand and knew that she had to overcome adversity to achieve her goals. One of Anna’s greatest accomplishments is taking the steps to become a certified Foster Care parent herself so she can provide a safe environment for children to grow and to succeed.

Anna enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including; snowboarding, creative writing, traveling, gymnastics, and singing.