Miss Maryland for America 2019

Deveney Shea

Deveney grew up in the city of Wichita, Kansas. At 18 years old, she joined the Army and went Active Duty, moving to Virginia. Through the years, the Army took her to Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, and DC most recently. She has worked for the Army Cyber Command for the past three years and is currently serving in the Army Reserve as the commander of a Broadcast Operations Detachment at Fort Meade.

Deveney is a proud mother to her son Christian, who was born in 2008. He is the light of her life and she spends most of her free time volunteering for his various activities, such as coaching his soccer team and going on runs with him for cross country and track teams. She also spent five years as the Den Leader for his Cub Scout pack.

Her Army service spans 17 years, serving both active duty and reserve; both enlisted and commissioned. Through her service as the commander of a Warrior Transition Unit, Deveney interacted daily with soldiers transitioning to Veteran status as a direct result of their service. It was on this assignment that she gained a very personal and strong understanding of the trials and tribulations that Veterans and transitioning soldiers who are wounded, ill, or injured face on a daily basis. Her compassion and understanding enabled her to advocate for her soldiers. She now works with multiple Veteran organizations to provide awareness and raise money to assist with housing and transportation costs for struggling Veterans.