Mrs. Maryland American 2022

Megan Myers

Megan Myers is a wife, mom of 7, nursing student and Maryland native.

She is an advocate for successful blended families and co-parenting relationships. As a Korean American adoptee and mom to a blended family of 7, she is well-versed in communication and relationship-building skills that are essential to fostering a positive, nurturing environment in a blended family.

Her greatest strength is her natural ability to connect with others through her empathy skills. Through her personal experience, Megan is passionate about helping parents, stepparents, grandparents and guardians be comfortable and confident reaching out for support before, during and after this important transition. She is currently engaged with numerous social media groups in support of blended families as well as private groups amongst her peers. She continues to pursue face to face interactions with parents and families both one on one and in group playdates to ensure positive environments for open communication and bonding.

Megan has volunteered for local charities, organizations, and rescues. Through her work, she has interacted with countless blended families and has connected by listening and sharing stories.